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Hello! and Welcome to Game Serbs! 

Thanks for Joining Us!

About Us:
Game Serbs is a Small Community with almost 3 Years now of Garrys Mod Servers! Originally Started out with a MilitaryRP server that Grew Greatly and Everyone Loved for around a Year, Til Kinaran Went to USMC Bootcamp. When I went to Bootcamp, Unfortunatly I Shut down the Servers and the Community. Simply Because I wasnt here to Run it for around 9 Months due to Constantly Training and Moving Around the US for more training. However, Were back Up and with more Servers, Better Servers at that. And with a Better Community Than Before! With all NEW Custom Content never seen before on Garry's Mod and a All NEW Roleplay experience on ALL of our Servers! From a Custom Map being Released soon for our Star Wars RP, To Custom Game Modes all the way to Simple Custom Scripts and Models. We as the Game Serbs Staff are happy you Joined us and Happy to see you here! We hope you Enjoy our Servers and We Hope you Enjoy the Community as a Whole. Now anyway. Lets get on to some Server Information.

Server Information:

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GS Star Wars RP V. 1.1.0
     GS SWRP V. 1.1.0 Is a New Release of our Old SWRP, Soon to have its own Custom Map, Models, and Lua Scripts. This is Something Our Community really Loves and Loves how the Roleplay Experience is. Unlike most Star Wars RP Server Where you sit in a Star Destroyer all Day, We have Multiple Planets and not just one Faction. We have Imperials and Rebels. Both Playable and Both with its own Roster of Leadership and Own Ranks, Clearances, Jedi/Sith, and Custom Roles. All of our SWRP is Strictly Based off Star Wars Lore, However theres a few small things we added our Own touch to! Heres a quick Update Log from the Last Update: 

-GS SWRP V. 1.1 Update! -This update includes SO much new material and content onto the server that has never been seen before in Gmod, and simply scroll up in this chat to see some of that beautiful Content our Amazing Developers are making! Our Dev team has been working hard to get new Content made and getting it closer and closer to release. So with that said Heres the scheduled Release Dates! -SWRP V. 1.1 Update: ETA July 15th -SWRP New Map made by LukeJK: ETA July 15th -SWRP New Models: ETA July 7th(Dont expect to see these however til July 15th

GS Military RP V. 2.1.0
     GS Military RP V. 2.1.0 is the Rerelease of the Original GS Military RP, Just Release 07/27/2019 We Expect this to be Loved just like the Original one. With More Custom Scripts, More Jobs and Better Leadership and Roles all Implented that was not in GS MRP V. 1.0 Should all Make the Roleplay experience So Much Better than Before. We hope you enjoy this as Well! Heres a Quick Update Log from the Latest Update:

-GS MilRP Update V2.0.1 -Added Cap Point System Fixed -Spawned More Props(DB Area,TAL Base, RU Base, US Base) -Added Donation Items to Store -Added US/RU Army Camp Guard -+-This Job is For any Branch just marked under the Army. Every 10 Minutes a E5+ Will assign a Lower Rank to Be Camp Guard. Max 8 Guard at One time. Camp Guards are Military Police but in a Active Combat Zone. Minimum Camp Guard to be on is 1. Everyone Will be trained Starting Tomorrow on Camp Guard Rules/Procedures(Ill Post a Thread on forums Tomorrow Morning) -Added US/RU President and US Sec. of Def. and RU Min. of Def. These Roles/Ranks Can be Applied for on the Forums in above thread. -Added Officer App Format As well(Anyone Currently Is Aloud to Apply for Officer to any Branch regardless of Rank) -Added US/RU Comms -Added LOOC 

GS Imperial OCC RP V. 1.0(Unreleased to Public)
Unreleased to the Public Right now But sure to be a Great Experience. Roleplay as a Imperial to Enforce the Empires way in a City Contested with Civilians and Rebels that Are all Playable. Similar to a 1942RP, This is basically just that but in the Star Wars Era. Unsure of when exactly we plan to Release this to Public but we Will let all of you know! 

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Star Wars RP Rules

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Welcome to Game Serbs Star Wars RP!
Use @ to contact an Admin
Make Sure To Join GS Official Discord

Make Sure to Join GS SWRP Official Discord

Chat Commands:
/rebel = [Rebel Alliance Comms]
/empire = [Galactic Empire Comms]
/advert = [Advert]
/ooc = [OOC]
/gal = [Galactic Comms]

1. No RDM.
2. No TK.
3. No VDM.
4. You MUST request permission to take off and land as a Pilot.
5. FearRP is a thing! (Ex. If someone has a gun pulled on you, you may not pull one and kill them.)
6. Do not force anyone into roleplay situtations. (Powergaming)
7. ROE is not a thing, but that doesn't mean you can go killing people randomly. Your Faction Leader will make plans and tell you what you are allowed to fire at and do.
8. Pilot Officers have to plan transport ships to Hoth and Korriban every 5 minutes.
9. You can not leave base without permission. (Unless there are no current officers online.)
10. You must have a reason to go to an enemy's planet.
11. War is active 24/7(Explained Below under "War Rules")
12. The rank SGT and above MUST train the recruits!
13. You can NOT take other faction's vehicles.
14. Imitating as an Officer or NCO is not allowed.
15. FailRP is not tolerated! (Ex. Jumping off planets/Jumping off the Star Destroyer...Yes.. You can do that..)
16. No shooting landed/docked Ships!
17. You can not use your ships inside the Star Destroyer Hangar/Hoth Base.
18. CPT+ can Promote!
19. Vehicle Ramming is prohibited.
20. Don't fly into Prohibited without permission or specification.
21. If you ship is blown up with you in it, commit suicide.
22. You can't drop spawn weapons unless told. (Ex. Dropping Active Camo. to a Stormtrooper.)
23. ONLY Pilots/Heroes/Villians can fly!
24. Chat Spamming/Mic Spamming is not allowed.
25. Using Advert/OOC for PROPER use!
26. Cannot Hover in a ship to attack.
27. In the Star Destroyer, you can not camp the Teleporter near the Bridge.
28. Captains+ Plan attacks onto Yavin 4 & Tattoine Constantly to keep Gameplay flowing.
29. Jedi and Sith must use appropriate Force Powers.(Rules for Force Powers Below)

        :War Rules:

After capturing a Planet, Planet will have a 10minute Cool Down before Enemy Faction can attack that Planet
To plan attacks on Tython or Korriban Faction must be holding Tattoine, Ilum, Endor and Despayre plus either Tython or Korriban depending on Faction.
To plan attacks on Hoth or Star Destroyer Faction must be holding all planets other than Hoth or Star Destroyer Depending on Faction.

Rebel Alliance Default Claimed Planets:

Galactic Empire Default Held Planet/Cruiser:
Star Destroyer

Planets constantly Under attack/surveillance:
Yavin 4

Prohibited Areas:
Star Destroyer

O8+ of the Galactic Empire and O4+ of the Rebel Alliance may initiate Planned attacks onto Prohibited Areas except for:

O13 of the Galactic Empire and O5 of the Rebel alliance may initiate Planned attacks onto:
Star Destroyer

SGT+ Rules:
Keep Enlisted troops below you busy with flights constantly to Tattoine & Yavin 4
LT+ Rules:
Keep Enlisted troops below you busy by planning strategically timed attacks onto Tattoine & Yavin 4
Hold Debriefs and Briefs after Capturing Planets(Include Min. of 3 Promotions, Max of 5, Cannot promote 1 person multiple times in same brief, must take promotion recommendations from troops)

        :Force Power Rules:
Jedi Temple Guard may not use force powers, just lightsaber itself.
Jedi Padawan may use Force Powers: Force Jump, Force Absorb
Jedi Knight may use Force Powers: Force Jump, Force Absorb, Force Repulse
Jedi Master may use Force Powers: Force Jump, Force Absorb, Force Repulse, Force Heal, Force Fist
Yoda may use all Force Powers

Imperial Royal Guard may not use force powers, just lightsaber itself.
Imperial Shadow Guard may not use force powers, just lightsaber itself.
Sith Acolyte may use Force Powers: Force Jump, Force Absorb
Sith Apprentice may use Force Powers: Force Jump, Force Absorb, Force Repulse
Sith Lord may use Force Powers: Force Jump, Force Absorb, Force Repulse, Force Heal, Force Fist, Force Lightening
Darth Vader may use all Force Powers
Darth Sidious may use all Force Powers



Military RP Rules

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Use @ to contact an Admin
Make Sure To Join Our Discord:

General Rules

1. RDM (Random Death Match)

  • Do not kill anyone without a valid reason
  • We do NOT tolerate any form of RDM.

2. RDA 

  • RDA stand for Random Arrest.
  • We do NOT tolerate RDA.


  • FailRP means you are not trying to role-play.
  • This means you must act as if you were in the position you are playing as.


  • Intentionally causing issues or messing around.


  • Act as if the situation was real life, value your life.


  • Obtaining role-play knowledge that you should not know about.
  • For example the US Military should not be obtaining knowledge from the Russian Communications.


  • You can not force someone else into a role-play scenario.


  • This means you are role-playing as your job unless you are in a staff situation.


  • We do not tolerate friendly fire.
  • Friendly fire is considered RDM.


  • Do not use in-game chat to disclose information of where enemies are after you have died.
  • Follow NLR.

Promotion Rules

1. Enlisted ranks may only be promoted 1 time a day MAXIMUM. (Unless they get more then 4 recommendations)
2. Officer ranks may only be promoted 1 time every 5 days MAXIMUM. (Unless they get more then 6 recommendations)
3. Recommendations must be from a higher rank then the person you are recommending. 
4. You may only promote in your regiment.
5. You must be at least a 2nd Lieutenant to promote, and you must be 2 ranks higher then the person you are promoting.
6. You must be at least a 2nd Lieutenant to hold tryouts for your regiment. (No Exceptions)

Role-Play Rules

1. You must be at least a Corporal (CPL+) to train a recruit.
2. You may only leave the base if you have permission from your Commanding Officer (PTL Permission to Leave).
3. Any Air Force musk ask permission to take off through comms using their flight ID. 
4. Do not shoot into an opposing nations base, unless the person you are aiming at shoots out, please wait until you see a muzzle flash before shooting.
6. War starts when one nation writes in open comms WAR. (You may only start a war if you have the highest ranking officers permission)
7. During Non War times, the Winning Nation may patrol All Capture points, if the losing faction is coming close or trying to contest the points you may count to five in in-game chat. If they do not back up you may fire upon them.
7. RPG's may only be used on vehicles or groups of 2 or more infantry.
8. If you enter another factions base you are KOS.
9. If you get kidnapped by the other faction and they do not give you food for 15 minutes you may kill yourself.
10. You may NOT claim points unless you are in a war.
11. If you leave a regiment you will lose your rank. (If you talk to the Community Manager you might be able to keep your rank)
12. If you leave a faction to join a different one you lose your rank. The only way you should be leaving to join another faction is through a role-play related way, such as leaving your base and heading to the other factions base and asking to join their Military.
13. If you walk past the warning signs in front of the enemies faction's base the enemy faction may shoot/arrest you unless you have your hands up.

Rules Of Engagement (R.O.E.)
United States & Russian Federation NON-Wartime

1. Do not open fire unless being fired upon.
2. You may fire upon an enemy with your commanding officers permission.
3. Do not fire upon any vehicle unless you have identified it.
4. After a war if you own the capture points and the enemy faction tries to capture or come near them you may fire upon them.
5. You may tell someone to get on the ground if you feel threatened.

Taliban Rules

1. Taliban may only pull a weapon out and fire on an enemy if they are not directly near them.
2. If a citizen (Taliban) are outside of a building during war times they may be warned once to go back into a building. If they do not comply they may be fired upon.
3. If a citizen has a weapon out this means they are Taliban and you may fire upon them.
4. If you see a citizen with bombs strapped to their chest you may fire upon them.

War Rules

1. Wars are always active.
2. If someone has their hands up surrendering try to refrain from shooting them.
3. Wars may only be stopped by calling a cease fire and both factions agree.
4. Cease fires only last a maximum of 1 hour. They can also end if a faction starts capturing points.

Raid Rules

1. You must be a 2nd Lieuteant (2ndLT)+, to start a raid!
2. You only have 1 life per-raid.
3. If you are the defending faction in a raid you only have 1 life.
4. The person who started the raid gets as many lives until their soldiers have all died.
5. You cannot call raid on the Taliban.
6. Taliban Can call Terror, not Raid.
7. If you are the defending faction in a raid you only have 1 life.
8. To win a raid you must capture the Enemy nations capture point (US Base, RU Base).
9. The winning faction may move freely through the enemy factions base for 10 minutes after the successful raid.

Mission Rules

1. You must be a 2nd Lieuteant (2ndLT)+, to start a mission.
2. The mission must be accepted and approved by the highest ranking officer online.
3. Mission may consist of taking out a certain enemy, obtaining information from opposing factions, and capturing certain enemies.